The Oral Lesion Hunter

hunter WebWorks Cafe has partnered with The Oral Lesion Hunter to create a series of podcasts about the early detection and treatment of oral lesions and oral cancer. The podcasts are aimed at dentists, dental hygienists, as well as the public, with the goal of increasing awareness of the symptoms and risk factors of this serious health issue.

The ‘Hunter’ uses his years of clinical experience, plus a touch of humor and the ‘hunter’ theme, as he explores specific topics ranging from the “Hunter Kit Bag”, taking charge of your health, brush biopsies, complications of oral lesions, and much more. You can view a complete lists of topics on the Oral Lesion Hunter website.

The first two episodes of The Oral Lesion Hunter are currently available through iTunes and on

Whether you, or someone you know has had oral lesions, or you want to learn more about risk factors (young adults, listen up), watch The Oral Lesion Hunter podcast and follow him on Twitter @oralesionhunter.

The path to creating the podcast was interesting. While there is a huge amount of information about podcasting of the Internet, finding a clear step by step explanation of everything that was needed to achieve our goals was not so simple. In order to make the podcasts accessible to as many people as possible, we wanted to have them available on iTunes, through an RSS feed, and also on a website. And the web version needed to be viewable on as many devices as possible. The end result was multiple versions of the video being needed. We’ve now got the procedure nailed down, which may be the topic of a future blog post.