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Web Design & Development

From concept to launch, we work closely with you to design and build a website that fits your image. We love what we do and consider every detail of your website important, from getting just the right colors, to building an easy to navigate interface, ensuring your website is cross-browser friendly, and perfectly optimizing and placing images.

We will introduce you to options that you may not have considered to add spice to your site, such as blogs, photo galleries, RSS feeds and video. And if your budget is tight, we'll try our best to figure out a way to make it work. Did you know there are ways to make a single page website behave like a multi page site?

Content Management Systems

A number of our recent projects, including this website, have been developed with ExpressionEngine, a content management system that enables us to have the flexibility to build any type of website without limiting features. The advantage to our clients is that once their site is completed they can edit their content, or create new content, without incurring additional developer fees, except for design changes. For those clients who want to frequently change their content, ExpressionEngine is a great choice.

For those who want a website primarily dedicated to blogging, we also work with Wordpress. We can help you select the best option for content management.


Fees are based on the specifications of the project which will be determined during initial interviews. Some of the considerations when determining fees are:

  • The number of pages or templates in the website
  • The use of a simple or complex navigation system
  • Whether text & graphics will be provided by the client in a finished format
  • Whether the site will be static or content managed
  • The inclusion & number of interactive forms
  • Whether eCommerce will be included
  • The need for site maintenance after the initial launch

We can help you decide which features will best serve your needs.