Who likes stale muffins?

You just launched your new website! You’ve been working with your developer for weeks, and it’s just what you envisioned. And now it’s done. Or is it?

If your goal is not only to get visitors to find your website, but also to have them return again and again, just having a jazzy new website may not be enough. What will bring them back after that first time? The answer is fresh content. And I mean quality fresh content.

Oh, I hear the moans.
“I don’t want to keep paying my developer.”
“I don’t have time to update it.”
“I already have all the information about my company on the website.”
“I’ll never remember to update.”
And on and on.

If your website was built with a content management system, then the response to the first problem is clear. You can update it yourself.

For the rest of the excuses, remember that your website is an important face of your business. Most of the people who do business with you have looked you up online, and if they have a reason to return to your site, they are more likely to want to do business with you again. And isn’t that exactly what you want?

What constituents quality fresh content:
1. If you have a calendar on your website, make it a priority to keep it up to date. Otherwise, it’s not useful to your visitors, and they’ll stop looking for it.
2. If you have a news section or blog, put a reminder on your calendar when you want to make updates. How often? Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Try to avoid updating less frequent than quarterly. If it’s news, post it while it’s still news, and not old news.
3. How about sales or promotions you’re running? You may already post signs at your business, or even send emails to your clients, but don’t forget the value of posting these kinds of items on your website, AND removing them when they are no longer current.
4. Do you have some new products or services? Let your website visitors know. Don’t keep it a secret reserved for those that contact you at your place of business. Shout it to the world!

These are just a few ideas to get you started and motivated. Keep a list of the kinds of content related to your business that may trigger a reason to update your site. Keep that list prominent, so you don’t forget.

If you do not have a website that you can update yourself, having site updates is not as simple. Your first option is to hire your developer, or another developer, to make the updates. Depending on where the updates are made on the site, and how often you request them, you may find that it just takes a few minutes of the developer’s time, and won’t cost much.

Alternatively, think about how old your website is. If it’s 3-4 years old, or older, perhaps it’s time to consider having your website rebuilt with a content management system, which means you will have the control to make your own updates. Everything needs a remodel at some point, and with the speed that technology changes, consider that it may be time.

And did I mention that search engines really like websites with quality fresh content? That alone can be your reason to motivate yourself to keep your website updated. Even search engines prefer fresh muffins.