WebWorks Cafe has partnered with The Oral Lesion Hunter to create a series of podcasts about the early detection and treatment of oral lesions and oral cancer. The podcasts are aimed at dentists, dental hygienists, as well as the public, with the goal of increasing awareness of the symptoms and risk factors of this serious health issue.

Having a website built can be a significant investment, so website owners may also wonder about what happens when the website is complete. Do they have to budget for the cost of making changes whenever updates are needed?

As a website owner, as well as developer, and a confessed iPad addict, I’m always on the lookout for apps that will provide ways to help my business, and my clients’ businesses, succeed. I thought I’d share some noteworthy apps that will get you thinking and energized about your website.

It’s been over 7 years and it’s time for a change. We’ve got a new website, a new logo, and most exciting, a new formal collaboration.  Jared and I have been working on projects together for years, me in Thousand Oaks, California, and Jared in San Diego. And since distance doesn’t matter any more, whether its working with clients, or working with a team, it was time to formalize our partnership.

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